Project Backup and Format Icon (Text/Color Icons)

  1. When I close Scrivener (finished for the day) it takes a LONG, and I mean a long time to backup.
    Is this due to the large number of photos that I have saved in the file? Or something else?
    I do have the box “save as a zip file” checked…that was checked by default, not me. (I just discovered the box this morning)
    My overall project, in words, is not that large so I am uncertain what is taking so long to backup.

  2. When I am actually using S…and wanting to change the text or highlight the text with color it takes several clicks of those two icons before they will open and be available for use? Is this normal?

Any help will be appreciated.

Thank you.

I would guess it’s the overall project size that’s causing it, since you say you have quite a few large photos. How many MB is the project?