Project backup failed

Is this a bug or something else?

Windows Beta: Backup failure only affecting some projects.

I’ve set my options to back up at project close. And when I close this particular project (and the copy I used before it), I get the following message:

My two main projects close perfectly fine, but this one, which I use for research, does not. Thinking the files might be corrupt, I did a “Save As” and created a new copy of the project with the same content. It worked 4-5 times before I got the same error message again. My “book1” and “book2” projects have never caused this error message to show up. Just the research project.

I’ve changed the backup location between OneDrive (1 TB available space), Dropbox (not the same amount of space, but enough), and my local hard drive (1 TB available space).
They all yield the same result.
I can do the manual backup just fine, where I enter my preferred backup location. But even just seconds after doing that and successfully backing up, the automatic close-down backup fails again.

Is this a bug with the beta, or is it a corrupt project?

I presume you are creating back ups as ZIP files both with the back up on close and manual back ups. When you manually back up are you choosing Back Up Now or Back Up To… ? And if the latter are you choosing the same location as the automatic back up.

What’s the size of the project? As it only affects that one project it may worth creating a new project and dragging the Binder items over to see if that clears things. If you get the same problem drag only half of the items over, and then the other half and so on until you narrow it down to one particular file. That said it’s difficult to see why one form of triggering the back up would work and one wouldn’t, all options being the same.

Yes, zip files both times. I use “Back Up To”, as “Back Up Now” is greyed out/unavailable. I don’t know why. It’s available in both my other projects (which auto-backup just fine).

I’ve been trying a few different locations with both the auto backup and the manual, and even when setting them to the same saving location, automatic never works (on this project), and manual always works.

The project that won’t back up is 10 MB. My two other projects are 4 MB and 12 MB, respectively.
The one big difference between the un-backupable project and the other two is that the first one is research and the other two are books. In other words, the un-backupable project doesn’t have anything in the Manuscript folder – only in the Research folders, which aren’t included in the compilation. And with the others it’s the opposite – they only have files in the Manuscript folder and nothing in the Research folder.

I’ll try your idea and see if it gives me any clues as to what’s wrong.

In Project > Project Settings… you can set a project-specific location for the backups that would override your default backup location. It sounds like you may have this set for that one project to a location that isn’t accessible, thus Back Up Now is unavailable and the error when it tries to run the auto-backup. If this is the case, deselecting “Use custom backup folder for this project” in the Project Settings should fix it, or changing the custom location if you did mean to have them backed up somewhere separate.

Ahhh, that seems to be it. Thank you!
I apologise for reporting it as a bug. :blush:

No problem at all. I appreciate that you’re taking care to make regular backups and know they’re working right! :smiley:

I just reported that “Backup To” Location does not update. So probably this problem is effecting your back up.