Project backups keep failing

A few months back, I tried redirecting my backups to go to a OneDrive folder. I haven’t touched Scrivener much since then since I was busy but now no matter what I do, an error saying “Project Backup Failed” pops up every single time I try to close a document. It says it might be because the location is inaccessible or has insufficient space but I tried changing the folder to drives with more space and it just won’t backup. I also changed everything back to default settings in case I changed something unknowingly but it still happens, no matter how small the document is too.

does the backup work when saved to a non-Onedrive folder?

Not at all. It doesn’t work no matter where I try to save it

Is there a mistake in the Backup path in File > Options > Backup > Backup Location?
Have you set up a Custom Backup Folder for this Project in Project Settings > Backup ?

It may be an over-zealous anti-virus program. Check to make sure Scrivener has been whitelisted in your AV program.

Could also try to open scrivener when in safe mode and see if can do it then

I am sorry you are having this problem.

In case it might be helpful for the future, I would like to relate the following.

I back up to OneDrive every day (sometimes several times) - except, I do not do it to the app - i.e., I do not have the programme/app downloaded (activated) on my laptop.

I ‘manually’ create a back up file (CTRL-Shift J in Windows), to my desktop, navigate to OneDrive in my browser (Chrome), and drag-and-drop the copied back up file into the appropriate folder I have created on OneDrive.

I have never had a problem with this process.

I have to say that I have never tried restoring from a OneDrive back up, and that I also back up to GoogleDocs, and to a a flash drive, and an external hard drive (I have successfully restored back ups from the latter).

No, they’re both correct as far as I know, and also both on default settings.

I did this and still does the same thing.

I also did this and it still doesn’t save the backup for some reason.

I used to do this but I got scared of forgetting one day and tried the automatic backup to OneDrive (or actually I think it might be DropBox).

Update: I tried to uninstall and reinstall, and I also tried to create a new document. The new document back ups nicely but the old ones still get the same error.

Then create new project and drag files from old project into new document and may be corrupted project settings, can migrate keywords as well.
Two main methods

If you open project metadata window on one project and on the project you want to move to- you can highlight and drag metadata from one project to another
Use for:
Label List
Custom Metadata

You use this method for section types
Export section types from project a and save in file.
Then go to destination project and open project settings>sections and click import function. This will import section arrangement and REPLACE current setup in the project.


Thank you, I’ll do this.

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