project backups limit

I backup my projects to my Dropbox account, and the backups always work flawlessly, backing up each time as I close the project. However, while I have set the backup file limits (in preferences) to only three backups, Scrivener continues to backup without removing the oldest files. I have changed the number of stored backups to other numbers (five, seven, etc.), and even saved my preferences, but it continues to backup without limit. How can I fix this?

I am using Scrivener 2.8.1 and MAC OS X ElCapitan, 10.11.6.

This probably means that you have the backups and the live project in the same folder. If you do that, Scrivener will ignore the limit in order to reduce the risk of overwriting the live project with a backup version. Move one or the other.


That’s something I’d not considered (the manual says nothing about where and why to place backups), so I just checked, hoping that was it. Nope. Only and all of my backups are in a folder I had labeled “Backups”. In general, I keep all of my Scrivener-related files in a folder labeled “Scrivener” in my Dropbox account. In that main folder are folders named for my various projects (with the main Scrivener document for each project in each), and alongside the project folders is the folder named “Backups.” I keep all of my backups (for all projects) in that folder.

Something like this—

—————Novel A
—————Novel B
—————Novel C

A word of caution… In the unlikely event that something corrupts your files on the Dropbox server, your Mac will sync the corrupted files to your Mac and thus corrupt all your Scrivener related files. Backups should be stored completely separated from the project files.

I have my active projects, either in ~/Dropbox/Apps/Scrivener/ or in an equivalent Sync——folder, but all my backups go to a folder on iCloud Drive, where I have plenty of space. Also I regularly do a bootable backup of my whole SSID. Makes for plenty of backup alternatives.