Project Bookmarks and Document Bookmarks should be distinct icons next to one another

Why is switching the above ‘hidden’ behind a keyboard shortcut Ctrl-6 or a drop arrow choice.
For ease of use it should be a separate icon apart in the inspector.
What a user never sees, a user never explores, and not everyone has the energy to work through the manual or tutorials.
That’s a kind of non-user-friendly approach to ease of use.

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There are certainly different schools of thought on that matter, and I wouldn’t say that any particular design camp has a complete lock on what user-friendly means. Rather more I’d say there are design trends that appeal to some more than others, and to the rest they can feel like friction.

For example, I’m not a big fan of the design school that puts visible buttons everywhere. I think it’s messy, and I don’t use the mouse often enough to warrant that mess. I tend to prefer software that is a lot less visible, where almost everything you can do with it is through keyboard shortcuts. I always turn all the toolbars off in software that lets me, and quietly simmer at the ones that don’t. :slight_smile:

Now, you might say that is not user-friendly, but from where I’m coming from it’s the opposite that is true. Assailing vision with colours and shapes that you do not need to see in order to use something is not user-friendly.

I think overall Scrivener tries to strike a balance between these two design points in particular. There are areas I think it could do better with, where there isn’t any visual clutter to begin with, but I’m not sure about this one—mainly because a dropdown is already a visual cue that doesn’t require a manual to discover, but secondarily it also gives us more flexibility in this space going forward. More things can be added as utility here, without increasing clutter.