Project bookmarks won't leave the inspector

The inspector on my manuscript page won’t show anything other than the project bookmarks, which I don’t really use or need, and it doesn’t show any way to click out of it. Every other folder or document shows the synopsis and notes there with the tabs at the top to switch to the comments and metadata and such. I don’t know what button I clicked or setting I switched to make it do that, but it’s driving me up a wall trying to get it to go back. If you have any insight, please advise. I fear I may be driven to madness.

Do you have the Manuscript folder selected? Scrivener’s three special folders (Manuscript, Research, and Trash) will only show the bookmarks.

That’s interesting. Maybe something weird was happening before that just fixed itself when I was playing around with the settings because it definitely had the notes page before. In any case, I have adjusted to the presence of the project bookmarks, and thus the panic has ceased. Thank you!

To be a little more precise, if you’re in one of Scrivener’s multi-document modes – Scrivenings, Outliner, or Corkboard – the Inspector will show the full array of icons. Note, though, that the thing being “inspected” will be whatever item in the multi-document selection is actually active.

If you’re looking at the Inspector for one of the special folders itself, you’ll only see the Project Bookmarks. None of the other metadata is relevant to these folders.

Generally speaking, the Draft folder will open in a multi-document mode by default, which is probably why you hadn’t seen this behavior before.