Project bookmarks

I tried to find this in the forums but I couldn’t so I thought I’d post it. I think it would be great to have the ability to set bookmarks in the document, similar to breakpoints in a development environment. At often times I read to my manuscript and I want to mark something for future work, but I don’t want to stop then and do it. Right now I insert a [???] or something similar in the document and then do a search. But I would like to be able to set a bookmark and then have a list of bookmarks where I can jump to. Maybe, ideally each bookmark can also have a type and a note or a name so I can filter them.

Just a thought.

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Thanks for putting in your request. This is in fact already on our list. In a nutshell, you will be able to use a menu command to insert a bookmark anywhere, and that will be listed in the navigation menu for that file in the binder. It is possible to name these bookmarks (and so thus allow for types), as well as generate an organisation bookmark which will format the navigation menu to indent normal bookmarks beneath the last organisational bookmark. So in other words, you could have bookmarks arranged in a simple two-level hierarchy in longer documents. There won’t be a filter for this, but since navigation is constrained to the item(s) you are looking at in the text editor, this shouldn’t generally be a problem as everything tends to fit into one menu.

For bookmarks which are global (easily discovered from anywhere in the project) I recommend the inspector comment feature. This is currently available for testing with the latest public beta. Inspector comments can be easily viewed in a navigable stack in the Inspector, so if you even have hundreds of pages in between one bookmark in another, they will both be displayed next to each other in the list. Clicking on a note jumps you straight to the spot. Now, you should also be able to search for contents of linked notes, but in the beta this is currently broken, so don’t try and test this yet, but what you should be able to do in the future is set up a search collection that searches for your bookmark type text and returns a list of all documents containing notes with that text. Thus, prefixing your comment with something like “MARK//” or something equally unique can make this work nicely.

I’m so happy that bookmarks will soon be available. :smiley: I like to skip around, from file to file (scene to scene), and I keep losing my place. It seems that “find” only works within the confines of a single file, not the entire binder, so that function doesn’t help me much.

There are two main different ways of finding text in Scrivener. One is the editor-based approach (which also works in Scrivenings mode, so in fact it can go beyond the file boundary), which is a useful tool when you know where you are and that what you want to find is here. In that case a find tool that goes all over the project would be unproductive.

But, if you do need a list of everything that has a certain word, or can find things outside of the text editor, in synopses fields, titles, notes and even specific keywords or applied colour labels, then you’re looking for Project Search in the main toolbar (or off of the Edit/Find/ sub-menu). Note that if you click the magnifying glass you’ll find a bunch of options for setting the conditions of the search.