Project Bookmarks

Version: Beta (1224521) 64-bit - 09 Mar 2021

Hello. I’m on the latest (above) expiry model. I have noticed that the Project Bookmarks popup panel can sometimes crash Scrivener if I click the ‘expand’ button in the bottom right of the panel, i.e, “Open document in a QuickReference panel and close Copyholder pane.”

As far as I am aware this happens only on one of my projects, one on which I work almost daily without other noticeable hitches. I store my files on OneDrive. Project Bookmarks functions normally on my other projects.


Moved to beta forum. – Katherine

Do you have the “Always keep on this device” OneDrive option selected in Windows Explorer for this project? If you are storing your Scrivener projects in any folder used by any syncing service, you should always ensure that you have the necessary settings for all of the project files to always be synced and copied to your local storage.

Once you have enabled this setting for the problem project, if that doesn’t fix the behavior and you need further testing, copy the entire project out of your OneDrive folder to a separate folder your local hard drive and open it from there. If you can open that version of the project and not see the same issues, then it is something about your OneDrive folder that is causing issues. If the problem still occurs even after that, then it may be a problem with the project.

Thanks for the reply. The problem persists with that one project - after ensuring that OneDrive is saving the project locally and also after copying it to my hard drive. I also made a copy via Save As but that hasn’t helped.

As I say this project is the only instance in which this issue occurs, so I’m not losing sleep over it! Thanks again for the feedback.

Now might be the time to contact support via email and (if you’re comfortable with it) send them a copy of the project in question so they can help you analyze what’s going on and steps to remediate moving forward.