Project closed out suddenly, now won't load

Hello Everyone -

I am hoping someone might be able to help, or has experienced something like this. I was working on one my projects and Scrivener just shut completely down as I was typing. I went back to try and load the project, but nothing happens. I get the “blue circle” when I double click on my file name for a couple seconds and that is it. I have several other Scrivener projects and they all open up just fine. I have tried rebooting my computer. This is my main project right now and not being able to open it is kind of freaking me out since I did a ton of work today but have not backed it up to my zip drive. I do the Scrivener backups everyday, but when I go into that file, it is now showing the last time it was backed up was in August. That file opens up just fine!

Anyone experience this before and have suggestions on what I can do?



I’ve got no idea what the problem is, but more information may be helpful to those who might know. What version of Scrivener are you using? What exactly were you doing when it crashed? E.g., in what view mode, in what language, what font, any special formatting, anything recently pasted in from elsewhere? Basically, any information about the environment in which the crash occurred.