Project Compiles Wrong with Markdown to LaTeX


I have successfully used Scrivener to publish something resembling a novel. It’s available via CreateSpace and various ereaders. But, I’m much happier using Markdown compiling to LaTeX if I can manage it.

Following the advice of the Beginner’s Guide, I straight compiled my established project to Markdown. However, all the paragraphs munged together into giant walls of text.

My question is, in order to publish a project via Markdown, what might I be doing wrong?

I’m assuming it’s because a paragraph is demarked by a single newline instead of two. But, I’d rather not add a second newline if I can help it. I suppose I could do that via post-proc, but I’ve sort of gotten accustomed to minimal interference that makes Scrivener turn out a good product. I just hate, hate, hate RTF.

Great walls of text sounds like single returns at the ends of paragraphs when MMD-Latex wants two.

I don’t know whether it would be possible to do this, but you could try setting up a replacement in the compile dialogue so one return gets changed into two. That would (theoretically) give MMD the two returns it wants, but would leave your text with one return.

On the downside, it would completely mess up any MMD tables you have, so, depending on the document you are working on, it might be more trouble than running a find and replace on the project.

Check out the Transformations compile option pane. There is a setting, “Convert to plain text”. Set that to “Paragraph spacing”. You might need to adjust your editor’s formatting so that it uses paragraph spacing instead of indents to set paragraphs apart, but that’s the safest way to do this. If you do have tables (MMD syntax tables, not RTF tables) then make sure the table itself retains a paragraph spacing of 0 within it.