project crashing during open

Hi all,

I’m having some problems opening a particular (fairly large) project of mine. I had never had any issues before yesterday, but yesterday morning I couldn’t get it to open at all; it kept hanging up without ever opening the project then giving me “Scrivener has shut down” messages. A backup opened all right, so I moved the crashing original to a different folder, used save-as create a new working project from the backup and continued on.

This morning, no problems opening the working project. The only difference between the working version and the crashing version was that the crashing version had a user.lock file in it.

I deleted user.lock from the crashing project, failed to empty the Recycle Bin, and tried to open the crashing project with the working version open, which crashed Scrivener again. This time both projects had a lingering user.lock file.

I restarted my computer to see if this would erase the user.lock file; it didn’t. So I made a copy of my formerly-working project, deleted user.lock from the copy and the Recycle Bin, and then tried to open the copy. This was successful, so I still have all my work. Hooray.

The following might also be relevant: I’m not syncing this project to DropBox or anything, it just sits there on my C drive. I don’t drag-and-drop replace new versions of the project over previous versions. The computer isn’t being shut down before Scrivener closes, and I’m not trying to view the whole project in one Scrivenings view.

I’m also not getting a warning message about the file being open, which I gather is what user.lock usually makes happen.

I tried opening and closing another, smaller project, and the user.lock file appeared when it opened and disappeared promptly when it closed.

I’m running Scrivener 1.0.3 on Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit, 12GB of RAM.

After all that, my questions are:

Is it safe to just delete user.lock if this happens again?
Could something about this particular project be causing the problem?

Thanks in advance for any help!

Just to update, this didn’t happen again until just now when I emptied my trash by right-clicking on Trash in the binder, etc. Scrivener apparently tried to load the whole project in scrivenings after the trash was emptied, which I saw just briefly, then it froze and crashed and sure enough, there was user.lock left over in the project folder.

This can’t have been the cause every time, but it’s the first time I noticed what happened beforehand.

Maybe a third update is the charm:

Today I tried to merge 4 small documents in the problem-having project. The project hung up, I briefly saw it apparently try to open the entire project in one of the editors, and then runtime error, etc. Two projects had been open and both had user.lock left over. Reopening the problem project after removing user.lock, the documents had been successfully merged.

Can anyone at least confirm that having to keep deleting user.lock isn’t going to do my projects any harm?