Project creation directory

During project creation, there’s a prompt to ‘save as …’ and a location. I enter the specific project name, but always the same folder location. It’s now filled with lots of binder and links and rtf’s and synopsis files.
Is that folder what’s used for all the projects to save to automatically as editing, or does each one save to it’s project_name.scriv file folder?
I’d like to change the one default to another one, maybe even one per project, but can’t find a place to change it within Scrivener.
Using Windows version.

Each project has is it’s own .scriv folder and contents. When you do a save as, you should be creating a new .scriv project folder in the same location.

In other words, if you created a Myproject.scriv folder by doing a save-as in My Documents, and then did another save-as and named it Myproject2.scriv, they’d both live in the My Documents folder. If you opened another project in your Desktop folder, and the did a save-as, it would default to the Desktop folder for the new copy.

When you create a new project from the template chooser (File->New Project opens the template chooser, and it opens when all other project are closed), there’s a drop-down list of common/previously used locations, or you can browse to a new one, and that will become the location of new projects created that way.

If you have a kind of blank project you like to copy as a starting point for new projects, you can use “File->Save as Template” to add that starting project to the templates chooser and use that interface for new projects instead of using Save As.