Project Deadline Reminder?

Isn’t there some tool in Scrivener that allows you to set project deadlines for yourself that remind you how far along you should be by a certain date? Thought I saw this somewhere, but I can’t find it. Can anyone help?

No, there has never been anything like that in Scrivener, that sounds more like a project planning application, like Merlin or OmniPlan.


Could you perhaps enter a set of dates in the Project Notes?
Then select a date, and use Edit: Add Link…
To link to a web site, file, or e-mail that outlines your project plan.
I do this often in Things, link to files or e-mails that are time-sensitive.

From the Luddite wing of Scrivenerville, I stick a Post-It on the corner of my monitor: September column due 3/5/11; finish Outline by 2/21. I’ve tried lots of digital prompts, beginning, if I remember correctly, with Lotus Agenda. But this is the one I keep defaulting to (although for the larger view I have my whole year’s publishing schedule in iCal with reminders, plus an Excel spreadsheet from the MotherShip with their interpretation of the schedule).

Still, the immediate needs seem to happen more reliably with those annoying little flaps of paper, which sit accusing me of sloth even when the monitor’s off.

There’s nothing quite so satisfying as sending one of the little buggers to the burn bag.