Project/document notes in Inspector - Setting font


I think the subject is telling my problem: I can’t find in Preferences how to set font (type, size) for [u]Document and Project Notes[/u] in Inspector (and this just while I’m going to need them more and more in my current writing project).

Maybe I’ve just blindly missed something obvious? :open_mouth: (a Search in the Forums didn’t do the trick).

Some nice guy in Scrivenerland could please enlighten me? :bulb:

Thanks, and all the best


You are looking for the “Notes font” setting in the Formatting preference pane. Note that as with changing the main editor default, this only impacts new notes as this is a rich text editor.

Thanks, Ioa!

I knew it was just right there, under my eyes! :blush:

You know, Scrivener just rules, as usual.