Project Error.

So I was writing and Scrivener started kind of acting screwy. I’m actually not sure if it’s my memory stick or the program itself. But now when I try to open up my project it says “Scrivener does not support read only projects. Check the permissions for this project in the Finder, and ensure that is not stored on a read-only volume such as a disk image.” What the heck does this mean?

To see if it is a problem with the stick, as you suspect it might be, have you tried relocating the project to your hard disk and working on it from there instead? I’d most cases recommend doing that anyway (even in a lab usage scenario, one usually has a user account with a storage quota they can use for local work). Working off of flash drives is much slower, and it stresses the storage medium—potentially increasing the odds of errors, and reducing its overall lifespan—since Scrivener is very “active” in its usage of the disk.

The project itself might have permissions messed up, but it would be very odd for that to happen out of the blue like that. If it still won’t let you open the project from the hard drive, we can look at it from that angle, but my guess is something is a bit wonky with that stick drive. It might be time to reformat it.