Project file compatibility between macos (v3) and win(v1.9.7)

Is it safe to read/edit a project file initially created by Scrivener v3 (macos) with Scrivener for Windows v1.9.7, or should I wait a while for the launch of any follow-up Win version (or version 3)? I don’t have much concern about the difference/limitation in features between macos and win versions (while I really like the new ver 3 because it contains many improvements especially helpful for Japanese users, the win version still is quite useful for me), I wonder if there were a possibility that a project file for the new version would be collapsed by reading it with the windows version.

many thanks for providing such a wonderful software,

Scrivener 3.0 projects are not backward-compatible with 1.9.7 on Windows (or 2.x on Mac), so you will not be able be able to edit a 3.0 project directly. It is possible to use Mac 3.0’s File > Export > as Scrivener 2 Project… to create a copy of the project that can be opened on Windows, then re-upgraded to 3.0; it cannot preserve everything (styles, for instance, will not be saved) but tries to maintain custom metadata and some compile settings when going back to 3.0. If you’re frequently moving between platforms, however, the process could get a bit tedious (and it’d be important to keep careful track of the current working version, since you’d end up with a trail of copies every time you exported and then re-upgraded), so depending on your priorities, you may prefer to stick with 2.x on Mac until 3.0 is released on Windows.

Yes, I access to project files from both mac and win platforms so I think I will stick with ver2 until the new windows version comes out. I was releived to know that ver3 project could be re-converted to ver2 format using the export function.

Many thanks for your prompt and conprehensive response,