Project file for the Schrivener manual

Where would I find the progject file used to create the Scrivener manual?

The project used to create the current Windows manual is woefully out of date at this point. It was initially developed over eight years ago, and requires a version of MultiMarkdown that requires a lot of configuration to even use on Windows, indeed if such an old copy of it can even be downloaded any longer.

The Scapple manual would serve as a better example of usage. The only problem with that one at the moment is that it is in v3 format. If you are using the Windows beta, it might work. If you’re using the stable version for Windows, let me know and I’ll save a v2 copy and upload it for you.

Thank-you for that information. Someone needs to update the Help text because it is where I got the idea of downloading its project file… lol

If you could post the old version of the Scapple version that would save me alot of time.

Yes, it’s a bit of an awkward twilight in that regard. It is very unlikely there will be an edit to the old manual at this point in time as all effort is better placed toward the new manual. At the same time the manual download page on the new site isn’t terribly flexible in terms of how much I can put into those menus. They are narrow and the font size is large, and thus many different variations of zip files are difficult to name clearly and there is no way to annotate the downloads. When it was designed, we weren’t really thinking of the need for there to be multiple versions of downloads for things. :slight_smile:

Ah well, I’ve uploaded a v1/2 version of the zip file for you and anyone else that searches for it here and finds this thread:

Scapple Manual for Scrivener 2.x and 1.x.

Thanks … I’m using some of your pages as page layout guides. Now I can just grab a page from your project and drag it over into my project. :smiley: