Project files and importing

I am currently unable to import most of the files I’ve been planning to. I get the “files already in project folder” error when attempting to do so. This is most likely because I initially kept a folder with external files I was planning to use later inside the .scriv folder. I’ve removed it now but it seems the damage is already done.
Is there any way to get an overview of the files currently associated with the project? They are not within the binder and I am not able to reach them in explorer to remove them from the project or pin them in the binder.

Thankful for any help :slightly_smiling_face:

I don’t have an answer to your specific question, but perhaps you could try importing the files into a new empty temp project, then drag and drop them from the binder of the temp project into the binder of your target project.

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By “removed it”, do you mean you “move to trash”-ed those files/nesting documents ?
Perhaps, if you didn’t empty the trash, that’d explain why you are still getting the message saying that those file are already in your project.

On the other hand, why not go back to a version of your project from before you removed those files from it, find them IN the project, and just move them where you actually want them ?

I simply deleted the files that were inside the scrivener folder (on my hard drive, not the scrivener projects internal folders) The files in question were never inside the binder of the project - just inside the project folder on my hard drive.
I also keep the project saved on a folder that syncs to my google drive, don’t know if that causes any problems.

Move that folder out of there, and try reimporting then.

This functioned as a workaround solution :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m worried though if scrivener has saved loads of files I’m not actually using into the project (that remain invisible inside the project binder); if this may make the complete project unnecessarily large and contribute to sluggish backup times.

If you want to clean things up :

I believe that if you “save as” your project to a new version, only the used files will be copied/cloned.
Then move your to be imported files back in this new project’s HDD folder.
And then import them.
(Otherwise, the link will reference the old folder location, and files won’t be included in your subsequent backups.)

[EDIT] On second thought : ignore this advice of mine… If you already have files previously imported to your project, doing so would only make the matter even more complex.

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I would go back to your file>options>backup and look at where backup folder is. See date of last complete project and if not too long ago, open this in place and move files from this open project into the project you were creating by dragging from the binder. Another option that might work and worth a trial is to take the scrivx file you have left and go to folder from last total save and cut and paste the scrivx file present and put on the desktop and paste in the scrivx file in question and see if will open with other files undisturbed. In future try to save as zip file then all files are together that are needed to open a project.

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Will try further suggestions tomorrow. Thanks for your replies!