Project Find and Replace


I spent ages this morning trying to do a ‘complete project’ find and replace without success. I eventually had to go to each chapter (somehow I think scenes may have been included but without reading the whole book cannot be sure).

What am I doing wrong? I could not find how to do this from the manual either. What I was looking for was what I am used to from Word…one ‘search and replace’ does the entire document. I thought doing it for the project would do it for the whole project but I guess I’m wrong.

Please help or send me in the right direction for directions :slight_smile: I should add that I am using Mavericks O/s and Scrivener 2.5 - so perhaps there is a glitch there? I also can’t find how to do my own presets any more.


Where you using Edit/Find/Project Replace... before? If so, note it is possible to constrain its scope. There is an option to only impact selected documents (which may just be the one you have clicked on).

Thanks, I do seem to have made it work today. One thing though, it would be great to know how many times a particular term was changed. That would always be an indication as to whether settings had been right (whole project/manuscript or selection). All it says is that the project has been updated, without the number. Thanks for being there.

The tool that I was referring to before does print how many documents were impacted by the bulk replacement. It doesn’t go so far as to say how many times it happened individually, but you’ll definitely know that it worked if it comes back saying 80 documents were changed, for instance.