Project Find/Replace With Formatting


I was doing some tricky Project Replacing today with a few words that only appear in italics in my manuscript, when it hit me: “I ought to be able to search for these suckers by formatting, and replace them with new words, possibly with different formatting.” So, I thought that would make a nice feature request: A project-wide find and replace dialogue that pays attention to formatting in both the search and replace fields. That’s all. :slight_smile:

—Andy H.

I support this proposal.
I add that it is desirable to search and replace in view of the special characters like in MS Word.
It is necessary for me.
For example, often inserted into the Scrivener by use the Clipboard from the file * .pdf. Lines of the text are inserted with separations (+ transfers between words within words). To make a single paragraph text without line breaks need to remove paragraph marks at the end of of each line and replace them with a space. This operation is currently doing in MS Word. Then out of him stand in Scrivener.
It will be very convenient if Scrivener himself able to perform such an operation.

Options to format the Find-Replace function with text that is:
color text
highlight text
bold, italic, underline, strike-through,
font size
grep patterns

GREP == RegEx, so existing functionality.
Did you find the Find by Formatting option?
[Edit > Find > Project replace] and
[ Edit > Find > Find by Formatting]…

Project Replace is a great global replace. How would I use it to replace a word with the same word in red (ie), or highlighted, or bold, other formatting.

Not with Regular Expressions. I think your category choice is the right one.