Project find / replace

I’m having an issue with Project Find / Replace. I have a placeholder I know is in the project in at least one document. (I’m looking at it.) If I do Project Find it finds the document I’m looking at right now. (Settings: ALL, Include, Exclude, All words). If I change it to Whole word, I get more results, but they aren’t correct (one result is an empty document!).

But, if I go to Project Replace, enter the same search term and then the replacement (with all but “Snapshots” checked and “Selected only” NOT checked"), it finds NO instances - even though I’m looking at two instances right now.

I have “Ignore case” checked and it’s set to “whole word”. Just in case there’s a weirdness in my piece of text, it’s just [Director’sName] (no space, which is why I have it set to whole word).

I’ve done this before with no problems. So, either my brain is leaking out my ears (eeew!) or Something Is Wrong. Please help. :slight_smile:

If set to whole word, include the brackets in the search, I think.

I have included the brackets in the search term. Like this:

This apostrophe is killing you.

Try a RegEx search for \[.+’.+\]

Copy and paste so the Smart Quote is used.

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That found ANY instances where there’s an apostrophe in inside square brackets.

I used “find next and replace” on just the single document, so I didn’t obliterate anything outside that document. It’s quite possible the character in question really only appears in this single file. I just would have expected the Search bar results and the Find/Replace results to be the same.