Project inaccessible after rename

To reflect the final title of my WIP, I renamed the project by changing the name of the folder and project file to New Name.scrivx. After the change, when I tried to open the project, Scrivener reported that it was created in an old version, and did I want to convert? I clicked yes, even though I had edited the project just minutes before, so conversion shouldn’t have been necessary. After that, Scrivener worked very briefly on the project (progress dialog shown) before displaying the startup screen, and not opening my project. I then changed it back to the old name, but I still can’t open it. What troubleshooting steps can I take to restore my project to working order?

First, create a copy of the .scriv folder as a backup, to prevent any further issues caused by experimentation. Also, look in your backups folder (See Tools->Options->Backup for the location of the backups folder). You may have a viable backup of the project under the old name there.

Then, take inventory of the contents of your .scriv folder. How does it compare to other projects? Are there any files in your problem project that stand out?

If all else fails, I’d suggest you rename the .scrivx file to “Project.scrivx”. Double-click that and see if it opens up. It used to be that project .scrivx files didn’t match the .scriv folder name, so Scivener should know what to do with a .scrivx with a different name.

Thanks, rdale, and thank heavens for backups! (Why didn’t I think of that in the first place?)

The pre-rename version has been restored. Next up: attempting the rename again. If I’m not mistaken, renaming both the Old Name.scrivx folder and the Old Name.scrivx file to New Name.scrivx should be enough, right?

Try just renaming the folder… I can’t recall if the latest Windows update keeps the .scrivx file name synced with the folder name, so I’d just leave the file alone and see if it changes automatically.

Hello florismk,
I find the safest way to rename a project is to load it into Scriv and then go to File / Save as and give it the name you want. This will then leave the original intact and carry on your project with a new name. Better than messing with existing file names.

Never realized Scrivener has a Save As function. Thanks, that worked like a charm!

.scriv for project folder name
.scrivx for the project index file name

Not sure how absolute a requirement that .scriv is for for the folder name, for the Windows side of things, but probably best to honor the convention, especially if anticipate ever passing projects between the Windows or Mac or pending iOS versions of Scrivener. My guess is that the convention is critical for Mac and iOS… and that such details hare largely hidden and inaccessible in those environments, except from within Scrivener. It’s a shame that the Windows operating system doesn’t provide the same “package” capability.

As broadsides recommends, best to do most all dealings with Scrivener projects from inside Scrivener, as a Scrivener project is not a single physical file, but rather a database comprised of a .scriv folder containing the .scrivx index file and numerous subfolders and files. The one exception to this is when a project has been backed up as a single compressed .zip file (whIch has to be decompressed (extracted) before Scrivener can work with it again). Messing with the contents, outside of Scrivener, risks corrupting the database.