Project incompatibility[NOTED]

I downloaded 1.6 when it came out, and at the time, my 1.4 files were fine. Today, I keep getting an error message saying that the project isn’t compatible with the version of Scrivener. Nothing on my computer’s changed since yesterday, and I can think of no reason why this would suddenly happen. Halp? I kinda need my 80,000 words back…

Hmm, it’s kind of hard to solve your problem without more information. A common cause of this is the version file getting wiped out somehow. Check inside the .scriv folder, under the Files folder, and see if there is a “version.txt” file with nothing in it but “16”.

You’re pretty much my hero. Sorry for making a pretty stupid topic, and thanks for helping me out xD

:slight_smile: No worries. If someone else has a problem they’ll hopefully stumble across it.