Project incompatible after crash

Have I lost this entire project? My computer crashed and when I came back to open my Scrivener project I got this error message “Project project is incompatible with this version of Scrivener.” (and yes, it repeated Project like that).

Is there any way to salvage this file or is it gone for good?

ETA: I see all the pieces are still in existence and can be opened in Word, so no pieces are actually lost, just that they don’t work with Scrivener any more. So worst case I can piece the file together again, though with a hundred pieces or more, I’d rather not.

Just FYI, the fix suggested in this link fixed my issue as well. My version file was empty; must have corrupted when I crashed. All good now!

Oh great! I was just typing up a reply, but I’m glad you’ve got it all working!

As far as it repeating project, it should give your project name there, and I thought it did, so I’ll have to double-check the error message. Does your project name have any special characters in it? Maybe something like that is causing it to hiccup. Hm.

Nope I’m just using the main character name, and it’s nothing unusual. Very glad this was so easy to fix! Thanks.

I’ve been using beta scrivener in windows 7. Now when I star scrivener I recibe a window with the legend THE APPLICATION HAS REQUESTED THE RUNTIME TO TERMINATE IT IN AN UNUSUAL WAY. What can I do

Did you have a crash or any unusual behavior the last time you had Scrivener open? If you’re getting this every time you try to launch, try reinstalling the beta. It won’t affect your projects or your settings.

Got the same problem. I don’t remember if Scrivener crashed on last session, and don’t now if this is happening because of some W7 update, but I cannot start it. I tried reinstalling without success. Always the same runtime error, similar to Windows XP.

Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library
“This application has requested the Runtime to terminate in an unusual way.”

Still working on this one, but if you run the uninstaller (as administrator, if you’re on a standard account), delete the “Scrivener” directory if it doesn’t clean itself up (likely under Program Files (x86) if you did the default admin install, or under your Documents* folder if you did a standard install), then reinstall the beta you should get it up and running again. You might also need to reboot your system, or at least log out of your account and back in, but I don’t think that’s necessary.

  • If you’re deleting it from your Documents folder, just make sure you’re deleting only the “Scrivener” directory–the folder created when you ran the installer. Don’t delete any of your .scriv folders, as these are your projects; uninstalling won’t affect them, and once you get the beta reinstalled you’ll be able to work with them as normal.

Done, and working, Thanks!!

Excellent, thanks for reporting back!