Project incompatible with this version of Scrivener?

I have just dowloaded v.024 but am unable to access my project. A pop-up screen appears when I open the program which says “Project is incompatible with this version of Scrivener”.

This has stalled all progress I was hoping to make this week-end.

Help please!

Andrew McIntyre.

In a further attempt to get Scrivener 024 to run on my laptop I uninstalled the program and re-downloaded & installed it a second time. Alas I am still getting the same pop-up screen as before and am unable to access my projects. This machine runs on Windows 7 (64 bit).

Meanwhile I have successfully downloaded 024 onto my older desktop machine which runs on Windows XP.

It looks therefore as if 024 has developed sudden incompatability problems with Windows 7 (64 bit).

Has anyone else experienced this problem?

Sorry you’ve run into trouble! This seems usually to be due to an odd fragility in one of the files in projects’ makeup; Lee’s looking into it. Try this:

  1. In Windows Explorer, open your project’s .scriv folder and then open the Files folder
  2. Open the “version.txt” file in a plain-text editor (Notepad will work), select all, and type “16” (no quotes), then save and close the file

Once you’ve done that, try opening the project in Scrivener again.