Project-level custom metadata

I’m building a course manual template for my university courses, and I’m having trouble with something I think Scrivener can do but now I’m not so sure. I would like to define custom metadata at the project level and use those values in placeholders like I can use Title, Abbreviated Title, etc. I know I can create custom metadata for a project and set values for that metadata in sections, but I don’t want to set the value (e.g., for the online course URL) in each section in which I want to use it - that really defeats the purpose.

Sorry if this has been covered; I searched the forum and the manual and cannot find it.

I would say that this is what the Project Replacement compile tab is for. If you open up Compile and click on the replacements tab (the “ab↳ac” icon), you can type your variable into the Replace column and the value into the With column. For example, replace “<$quarter>” with “Q3”. When you’re done, hold down the Option key to convert the “Compile” button to “Save”, and get back to writing.

Read more in §23.4.4, Project Replacements.

Gotchya. I thought that might be the direction this would go. Scrivener has almost too many options and features!

As long as it is only almost. :wink: