Project loading decisions

This isn’t a bug report, or a criticism; I’m just a tad curious really.

How does Scrivener decide which project to load up when the application is started. Now I thought that it would load the … ah!

Wait a minute…

Okay, I see where I’ve been getting confused. I thought that Scrivener was loading up the last project you worked on; this isn’t the case. What it appears to be doing, is loading up the last project that I loaded in the previous session.

This has stumped me for days!

Right, this is what I’m doing.

I have two books that make up a series of three.

I’m working on Book 2
I need to have a quick look at Book 1, so I open up Book 1 and look a few things up.
OK, I have what I need, so I close Book 1.
I now carry on working on Book 2

Time for beer; so I close Scrivener and go out for a quick pint.

Baac u home. Nopw. Fancshy doin a bit of wrting. So I start up Scro … Scrivn … Srr … the writing app, and which project thingy does it load up?

Book 1

Thatsss not right. That is not right. That is not the lassht book I was working on. That is the last book I loaded up, but not where I finished the sesssssion.

Okay, now in my often less than humble opinion, this is what should happen.

Ideally, Scrivener should load up the entire workspace from the last session. If I had two projects open, then they should BOTH be reopened in the next session, with the last project I was working on in front.

If that’s not doable, Scrivener should load the last project that was at the front, not the last project that was loaded, because that is not necessarily the one I was working on when I closed the session.

Mmm … actually that reads a lot like a criticism to me …

The way it does it is kind of standard - when you launch the app, Scrivener looks in your “recent projects” list (which is stored in your user-defaults file and is just a standard Apple mechanism) and it opens the project at the top of the list.

EDIT: I have now changed this for beta 4. As of beta 4, all projects that were open when you quit will now be opened when you launch. Note that because I have had to use a new defaults key for this, this does mean that the first time you open beta 4 it won’t open any of your old projects.

Ah, this mystery is answered. I didn’t take the time to post, but I wondered this myself. Glad you have changed it for b.4–so that Scr. opens up the last work session. Thanks from all of us who would like it so!

Glad you warned about the first time, but it makes sense, since for b.4 there would have been no previous work session. Is my thinking right on this?