Project Metadata?

I’m very interested in being able to set custom metadata tags for an entire project, not just for a document in the project. I can’t find anything anywhere saying this is possible, and if it is, I am stumped. Am I missing something?

I’m primarily using Scrivener for technical writing, and being able to put project-wide reference numbers in the metadata for things like solicitation references, internal document control numbers, etc. would be hugely helpful. Right now the metadata tags are defined for each document separately in the project, and so I have to paste them in separately in each document if I want them to be effective project-wide.

Help is hugely appreciated.

Replacements might be a better tool for this job. Using Replacements you can sort of make up your own placeholders, and have what you type in the editors (as well as in special places like the page headers/footers) universally replaced with the project-global values. These will be saved into the project’s compile settings (keep them in the Project Replacements tab to avoid them vanishing when/if you switch compile presets).

For example I could add a Replacement that converts the string, <$version> to print 0.8b when compiling.

That’s perfect. Thanks!

Here I’ve been looking through the metadata sections in the manual and online and missed Replacements altogether.