Project name first in the title bar

I just got around to updating to version I like the fact that the Scrivener project window now shows the project name first in the title bar. However, it would be better yet if there were an option to strip out the pathname and just show the filename. I’m one of those naughty Scrivener users who change the name project.scrivx to something reflecting the name of the actual project, and that’s what I’d like to see in the title bar and the Windows taskbar.

I assume that for those who don’t rename project.scrivx, it is the path itself that identifies the project, and that can work for me too. But my .scrivx files tend to be buried several layers deep within My Documents, and my eye doesn’t sort through it very readily. Of course, there may be Windows limitations involved here; but an option to show just the filename would make for a cleaner, simpler, and (for me) more useful display.

I’m running also, and I’m not sure what you’re asking. My title bar says the name of my project, a hyphen, and Scrivener. I’ve attached a screenshot to show this. No pathname shows up, just the filename. Does yours show something different?

And now do I feel stupid. :blush: Tools > Options > General, uncheck “Show full project path in the title bar.” My apologies for wasting people’s time! Once again, Scrivener anticipates my needs.

Glad I could help, anyway!