Project not appearing on iPad.

Hi all,

I’ve never had any pronblems with sync until now. I’ve bought a new Mac, running Big Sur. I had to buy the new Scrivener software for it as it couldn’t run the old app. I do most of my work on the Mac but occasionally work away from home. I then use my iPad, However, the project I’m working on doesn’t appear on the iPad’s scrivener app, despite showing a sync in operation if I’ve worked on the project on the iMac.


Where (folder name) are the files located on your new Mac? How you you delivering the files to the iPad? Dropbox sync? Or other?

I’m trying to use dropbox sync but I appear to be doing something wrong.

Even though my iPad shows several versions of the project as being available I can’t see them on my dropbox when I go to my Mac.

The project I’ve been working on my Mac has been saved to my dropbox and I can see it there when I open dropbox, but it’s not showing on the iPad. I’m being dim, I know, but I can’t understand why I can’t see the projects which were most recent on my iPad appearing in my dropbox on the Mac. It’s bizarre. I mean, I have very very few files in my dropbox anyway as I use iCloud for most of my syncing.


Did you download and install the Dropbox app on the new Mac? And start it?

I did, yes.

And you are sure that you use the same account and your iPad looks in the same sub-folder under your Dropbox folder?

And you are using Finder to check things…?

I have only one Dropbox account, certainly, if that’s what you mean. I think I may have to take both devices into Apple because it’s driving me insane!

Problem solved! I won’t bore you with it but I feel pretty stupid!

Not boring. We bothered our time to try to help. So help us and say what happened.

We bothered to try to help you so I think you owe us an explanation. Plus, it might help others doing the same.

There are probably other people who have done, or will do, the same thing. It’s not stupid to share what actually happened so that when they search for the same issue, they can check if they made the same error. Users helping users is more important.

Nobody thinks badly of anyone here for making a mistake, it is how we learn.

Well it is sad the user didn’t share what the initial problem and/or solution was at the end. I was certainly anxious.

My problem is along those lines.

1.- New Scrivener on Mac project does not show up when I start Scrivener on iPad ( IPadOS 14+)
2.- When I go to the Files app to try another way on my iPad, all my Scrivener files/projects appear grayed out and have a “No-entry traffic signal” on them, so they are not accesible either.

I am sure it is very simple to solve. Can anyone take a few moments to help me out please?

PS. I also cannot figure out how to reopen the Scrivener sync settings on iPadOS, short of uninstalling and redowloading the app, which U have not done yet.

Thanks in advance


In IOS settings, Scrivener, is Sync and Sharing settings set up as you expect?

Yes. I have 4 active projects in the Dropbox folder which appear when I open Scrivener for iPad. The newly created project, the one that I made 3 days ago on my iMac, and that is readily available in my MacBook Pro, is not appearing when I open my Scrivener for iPad, and it is in the same folder.

All the projects, the pre-existing and the “new” one appear in the Files app, but are all, old and new, frayed out and with the No-Entry traffic sign.

The end result is I have been unable to work on my new project today on my iPad.

Screen shot of how the projects appear when viewed with the IOS Dropbox app would maybe be usedul. May be better way to detect Dropbox issues than with Files.

Also look at Dropvox FAQ for any indications of of icons or messages. Feels like permissions or maybe incomplete syncs but I do not know as I cannot see your evidence and I have never had to debug Dropbox. Others here may have more knowledge.

I have dragged and dropped the screenshot taken on my iPad and sent by email and then opened in Preview. Long method but it is the only one I could figure out. I have never done this before so I do not know if you cannot see it.

In any case it seems it cannot be an incomplete sync, because it is perfectly usable ( the project) and shared between my laptop ( MBP) and my desktop ( iMac). It is only the iPad that cannot see it. I have never been confortable with the syncing via Dropbox between iOS and MacOS, but this is frankly ridiculous.

Thanks for any possible help, and I hope I will be able to use the software the way it claims it works and what made me pay for the Mac and IOS version.

PS In the preview I cannot see the screenshot I have dragged over ( as per the web page instructions) I do hope you can see it as an attachment. On my end the attachment is there.

All Dropbox files are local. My hunch is that the files on your iPad are corrupt or not completely synced. I do not know this for sure nor how it can be. Just because files on on the computers says nothing about on iPad. Consider installing Dropbox on iPad and ok it back to get a fresh sync.

For me and many others dropbox works pretty well

A troubleshooting guide for iOS synchronization can be found here: … os-syncing


Thank you for the suggestion Katherine.

While I was settling in to read this page as per your suggestion, I fired up my iPad, forced it to sync with Dropbox ( as I always do) and for reason or reasons unknown, my project NOW DOES appear in the list and I can open it. However, I still want to leave my questions and set of mind out there:

1.- The version of my project I manage to open with Scrivener on my iPad, IS NOT the one (even if it does have the same name, but is simply missing the latest cork board card on my Research folder created over an hour ago while on my desktop) I have been working on this morning until well over a full hour ago at the very least.

2- The latest edit was done on my iMac at home, and it is the same version my MBP opens right now, at my office desk. There are no syncing problems whatsoever between my Macs running Big Sur.

3.- My office desk is also where I have my iPad which, though connected to the same wifi network AND the same Dropbox account and at the exact same time, OPENS the file, but this file it opens IS NOT THE LATEST version, but the one I went to bed with last night.

4.- So to be perfectly clear, Scrivener for iPad access is working with older versions of the latest project ( yes when going to Dropbox thru the Files app or the Dropbox app, on the iPad to be clear yet again, the date and time stamp ARE of the latest version, this version being the one Scrivener for iPad cannot apparently manage to find).

So this leaves the following questions open:

1.- Why, if Scrivener is just supposed to access Dropbox as a “normal” file/folder regardless of where you place it on your computer/iPad, does it not show the latest version?

2.- and even worse!!!: will my work, if I choose to use the version Scrivener actually opens in iPad and edit it, be corrupted if and when I save it back??? I think this is a genuine concern, because I have had these issues before, albeit a long time ago since I have only recently gone back to using Scrivener after a long period. And a quick look through these forums clearly shows that other people have also lost their work, sometimes long files over 50+ thousand words ( which is exactly what happened to me about 3 years ago and made me drop Scrivener altogether then, until last week when I started a new project and bought a new iPad Air 4).

If this concern of mine is important, please feel free to open a new thread which I am sure will get more hits than this older one. I will try to contribute to it.

Meantime, I did not want to simply fade away without pointing out that my issue has, at least partially, solved itself ( I have to the best of my knowledge done nothing in particular to solve it, but again I am quite the average ignorant). But I still have legit concerns…

Just a hunch but all evidence points to iPad Dropbox not syncing at the same intervals as on your real computers …