Project "not compatible" after crash

I just got a message when I was opening my project:

“The project at […] is not compatible with this version of Scrivener.”

I had it open yesterday when my laptop battery died. The computer shut down and Scrivener closed (obviously). Now when I try to open it the next morning, my entire project seems to be dead somehow. Is there any way I can get my project back??? I am kind of dying here–I have it all backed up as text and everything, but it was a lot of work to break it up into chapters and everything for Scrivener and I have some “to do” notes that I’d love to get.

I know this is the danger of working with Beta, so it’s fine, but if there is anything I can do to recover my files… I’d love to know what. :slight_smile:

Go into your .scriv file > files > version and make sure it says 16. I had a similar problem, and that’s what the wonderful people here told me to do, so hopefully it helps for you as well xD If not, then I’m sorry I couldn’t be of more assistance.