"Project not compatible with this version of scrivener"?!

multiple times now I’ve gotten a message while trying to open one of my projects that says “This project is not compatible with this version of scrivener.” what does this mean? the project in question doesn’t have a back up yet, as I just entered all of part 1 of my novel into it yesterday, so its all gone. what do I do, and how can I get it all back without re-entering it all?


another problen that I’ve had with it is that all of my text will disappear, leaving the project blank. this has also happened, but I don’t know how to fix it. any suggestions?

Okay, what you want to do is make a copy of your Scrivener project. (Copy the folder somewhere else and rename it.)

Then go into the project folder. (The real one, not the backup.) It’s going to be your filename.scriv. Then in the “Files” directory, you’ll find a file name “version.txt.”

Open “version.txt” with something like notepad, vim, or emacs. Make sure it has one line with a “16” in it. (No quotes, just the number.) Then save and close it. You should be able to open up the project.

thank you!! it worked, now I wont have to re enter everything every few weeks.