Project not correctly uploaded when resetting laptop

Hi all.

I have a problem from 2 years ago. I have had a novel all worked out (Planned out my whole trilogy). Due to sircumstances, I had to reset my laptop. Because I didn’t want to lose my work, I uploaded the Scrivener file, so I could download it again later.

Yes. Only the Scrivener file. Not the whole map… So, I came to the shocking conclusion, that I only have the information from the Binder. All the notes, and text is gone.

Now my problem is, is there a way to restore this? Or is it gone?

A Scrivener project is actually a folder, with subfolders and potentially hundreds of component files. Inside that, you have the scrivx file, which is used to build the Binder.

If you have the entire .scriv folder, then you have the full contents of the project and should be able to retrieve it, one way or the other. If all you have is the .scrivx file, then I’m afraid there isn’t much we can do to help.