Project Not Opening at Correct Place

I have been using Scrivener for a while now and although it was working fine for ages, all of a sudden I cannot get one of my projects to open at the place where I was last working on it.

It doesn’t jump to the top of the document, it jumps to a particular random place part way through.

Navigating away while the project is open works fine. It goes back to where I left it while I am in other text files. But as soon as I close it down and re-open it later, it is back at this random place.

I have tried not only the double-clicking to save the place, but also typing or highlighting at the place and it still shoots off to the wrong place.

It does stay within the same text document and when I tested it with another text document within the same project it again didn’t seem to want to go back to where I left it when I shut down. Again, it was in the right document, but not where it should have been. Then, when I clicked back to the original text file I was working on it was at this same random place yet again.

It does, on occasion alter the place it jumps to - though I cannot figure out why. There seem to be two random spots it seems to zone in on, neither of which are where I need it to be.

It isn’t a question of it needing time to get to the right place because the place it is jumping to is later in the document than where I am currently working.

I updated to the latest version of Scrivener today to see if that would help but no luck.

Any help would be much appreciated.

If you tap a key after loading the project or use Ctrl+Shift+Space (Edit > Find > Jump to Selection), does it jump to the right place, or is the insertion point set in the wrong location when the document opens?

If that doesn’t work, you could try creating an inspector comment at the location you want to return to, as a way of quickly finding the spot. With the comments open in the inspector, clicking the comment will scroll the editor to the linked text. If you already have a lot of comments, right-clicking your “bookmark” comment here and changing its colour will help it stand out.

Thanks for replying. The insertion point is in the wrong place.

Since I don’t have a lot of comments in the story yet that is what I have been doing to find my place.