Project Not Opening on iOS / Mac OS

Hi Im relatively new to Scrivner but have loved it so far. Am using iOS on 2 ipads and iPhone and bought the macOS app yesterday. This morning when I tried to open the project I am working on nothing happened - the binder would open then close back to the project page. Have tried to post a video link here to show this.

This happens whatever device I use, obviously very worried i have lost all my work. Any idea how to open this or recover where I was?


First off, did you move the project file while you were on MacOS? The way that iOS sandboxing works, if you move a project out of the designated folder on Dropbox while on your desk/laptop, it doesn’t remove the project icon on your iOS devices, but the icons are now linked to nothing in the separate folder in Dropbox itself, so they don’t open.

I’d get in touch with the support team directly by email:

as they are best placed to help you sort it out.


Thanks Mr.X

That sounds possible - Im sure this is user error. This is what I remember doing though, I bought mac OSX app and opened the project in it (I had to navigate to the drop box folder). I didnt do any work and closed out (i think I quilt the app.)After a meeting I did 5 hours on the iOS app and synced it often (I would see the dropbox sinc screen upload files etc). I didnt use it over night then this morning had this issue so are you saving if i moved the project by accident event though iOS was saying it was syncing it was in fact not?

Have contacted support as well thanks.