Project not opening

I have been using the trial version on my MAC and there are about 23 days of use left. I have only closed down the program once and when I have come back after 2 days to continue working on it, the project is refusing to open. I get to the point where I click on “Open Recent” and then on the particular project title but nothing happens after that… Help, Please?

What happens if you find the project file in your finder and then click to open it? Same problem?

Yes, exactly the same.

Have you emailed Support?

I have, a few hours ago. Hopefully they can help soon. Just a bit stressed because the deadline for the project is less than 36 hours away.

Did support sort the problem out? If not, you could ask someone else to try opening the project file on their computer. If they can open it, they could at least output the text and email that back to you.

Would be happy to help…if you don’t have other people you’d prefer to try.

No, they haven’t yet. How is it possible to open the file on another computer?

If you go to Finder and locate the actual Scrivener file that holds the project, you could email that file to another Scrivener user and ask them if it opens on their computer.

If they can get it to open, they should be able to extract the text to another format (RTF, Word, Pages, Text) and send it to you…you mentioned having a deadline looming.

Scrivener files have a .scriv extension, although this may not be visible on your computer if it is hiding extensions by default.

You should be able to find the file in Finder if you can search for the file name.

By default, it is probably in your main Documents folder: USERNAME/Documents/XXXXXX.scriv

[attachment=0]scrivener project icon.png[/attachment]

If you’re going to email it, you have to email a compressed (.zip) version of the file … a scrivener project is not a file but a package normally containing 100s, even potentially 1000s, of files. Email won’t send packages.

  1. Identify the .scriv project;
  2. Right-click (control-click) on the icon;
  3. from the drop-down menu choose <Compress “…”>, which will create a .zip
  4. attach the .zip to an email — hoping that it isn’t too big!


Good tip, especially if the project is large.

I have emailed .scriv packages without zipping them and they’ve worked fine—opened at the other end with all the files and structure intact. Didn’t know that they were meant to be zipped as a general rule.

You could also try opening the .scriv bundle yourself and extracting the .rtf files then dragging them into a new scriv project.

  1. Navigate to your .scriv file in Finder
  2. Make a copy of it, to be safe.
  3. Optn-click on it to bring up the context menu; select ‘Show Package Contents’
  4. Go to Files > Docs and you’ll see a list of numbered .rtf files. Drag these to a new location.
  5. In Scrivener, create a new project and drag the rtf files you found in 4 into the binder.
    6)You’ll probably need to recreate your metadata, synopses, links and binder structure. Synopses are saved in the same folder as the rtf files - they’re text documents with the title [number]_synopsis.txt, just copy and paste the contents to the right file.