Project not saved in recommended location message

Hello All -

I am starting to get the ‘project not saved in recommended location’ message every time I open Scrivener. As per the prompts, I read the HELP section and rechecked that I have in fact selected that the project is auto-saved in DOWNLOADS when I close Scrivener. And when I check DOWNLOADS there is my latest file.

What can be causing this and are there any recommendations of how I could rectify these warnings?

I may have inadvertently changed something, but after hours of looking I am now at a dead end.

Any and all assistance would be greatly appreciated.


The project is in Downloads, but where are its backups?

The Scrivener -> Preferences -> Backups pane will tell you. If it’s the same folder, that’s why you’re getting the message.


Thank you Katherine.

I went to the Backup Pane and selected another folder in DOWNLOADS and it made the warning go away. I hope this was the correct thing to do and that my files are in fact being backed up. I still back them up on an external hard drive, send a PDF to myself and in iCloud after every revision.


You can confirm that backups are being made by going to the backup location and checking the time stamp on the most recent backup.


IIRC, when you are running out of disk space, MacOS suggests deleting stuff in your Downloads folder as a space recovery strategy. Obviously you can not do that, but you may wish to set another location for your originals and/or backups, or to periodically back up to a different location just to be sure you don’t lose anything.

Having a disk so huge that you don’t run into this problem is also a good plan. But I have only 1/4 T internally and save my backups to an external disk with additional backups periodically to iCloud.