Project Notepad

Just some feedback/wishful thinking.

This is a welcome feature, but I am curious about its implementation. I would have guessed that it would be a fourth “tab” in the Inspector, but upon further reflection realised that would not always work since in some situations the Inspector is disabled. So, having it in a separate window does not really bother me, but doing it that way causes me to wish that this window was just a tad more visible. For instance, such a window seems to me, the optimum kind of thing to just have sitting in the corner of screen all of the time. Reading a book and want to jot something down? Just plunk it into that window and move on. Later when you switch back to Scrivener and start working again, you can go through this window as you will. Think of it as an alternative to clippings, for people that do not like clippings.

But, if you switch out of Scrivener that window promptly disappears. If anything, I think the opposite should be available as an option. Perhaps as a little thumb-tack button, to make the window “float.” Currently this toggle sets the main project window to floating, not its notepad, no matter which is selected.

This suggestion reminds me of a very useful feature in another beautiful no-nonsense-application, MacJournal.

When an idea comes to your mind while you’re working in another application, just press a Quick Note Keystroke preselected under MacJournal’s “General Preferences” (F16, in my case), and a little window pops up, which leaves the choice between “Append text to [an existing document]” and “Create new entry in [an existing folder]”. Make your choice, and just jot down your idea. Very practical.

Another small thing with regard to this Project Notepad: because I’m always working with softcoloured backgrounds, this window seems so terribly and unmercifully WHITE to me. Wouldn’t it make sense to give it by default the colour of the Text Background or the Notes Background?

Yes, this feature of MJ is one of the major reasons I still use it as a my personal journal as well as some other uses. I’d love to see something along this line in MJ. More even than a floating window, I’d like this, one I could bring up with a keystroke. Sidenote does this but you can’t move it or adjust its location, which makes it difficult to use on a small screen. iClip works a bit better in this way, but still there is the extra step of transfering things to Scr.

I’ll just repeat what I said in my blog in this regard:

The project notepad is by no means finished, but I’m doing nothing about it until after 1.0. It’s just there as a stop-gap, so you can put your notes into it and later it will become a little more refined.


Sounds like a great plan. I love the option and it seems really smart to have it as a starting point and you can do or not do anything with it later. Seems wise. Hard to type–just finished shoveling snow. Not a usual occurrence here in Portland.

Sounds good, I must have missed the blog post! I like the integration with Inspector best, to be honest – even if that does mean losing the floating window prospects.

Noooooo! The floater is much better. You’ll see. :slight_smile: My only request is that its state be saved with the rest of the layout. No biggie if that doesn’t come til 2.0, however.


Is there something wrong with just having a few notes in a none-exporting document? I’m not too keen on the floating window myself (yes, I don understand it is just a temporary stopgap).