Project notes and document notes

Re the notes panel at the bottom of the inspector. Will there be an option to switch between document notes and project notes in the new Windows version?

There will not be, because Project Notes have no formal existence in the new version. They’ve been rendered obsolete by Quick Reference Panels and the Bookmark Preview Pane. We’re free to take any document, maintain it in Quick Ref or the Preview Pane, and deem it our Project Notes. So our project-wide info is maintained with full and equal editing and compiling capabilities as part of the binder hierarchy, rather than as a separate network of documents organized in tabs.

Quick Reference windows can’t get as small as I’d prefer 'em. They’d need a hamburger menu, which is a nod to the future anyway in a smartphone era. The ability to size down to a postage stamp was the primary advantage of floating Project Notes in my view.

Rgds - Jerome