Project Notes and Document Notes

Hi Keith

I appreciate very much the Document Notes and Project Notes features. Document notes help me keep track of things and keep my mind organised when working on just one document. The Project Notes option is great for the bigger picture.

However, my work involves a lot of cross-referencing within the documents I keep in Folders for each chapter. On my wish list would be a Folder Notes option in addition to Project Notes and Document Notes so that I could have instant access to the notes relevant to the stuff in the folder rather than either an individual document or the whole project.

The Folder notes could either be independent of the Document/Project notes or they could be concatenated Document notes.

Scrivener’s by far the best aid for writing I’ve come across — and I’ve tried a few.


Hi Shane,
Remember that documents and folders are just different representations of the same thing within Scrivener. As such, folders can have their own “document notes”, just as they can have their own title, synopsis, and text.

You do not have access to it as a third tab in the Inspector, but you would be able to associate notes with a folder if you click on the folder and make it the focus of the inspector.



Thanks for that. Am I missing something though? I do understand that you can keep notes against folders, documents, pictures etc, but how can I keep the “folder notes” in the inspector while working on a document within that folder?



Hmm, this is quite an interesting idea.

An alternative would be to make notes in the text area of the project itself instead of the notes area, and then have that text open in the split view while working on subdocuments.

2.0. has a separate project notes window, too, which is tabbed. All of the tabs you create for become available in the inspector via the pop-up menu, so that you can have multiple project notes.

But let me think about your original proposal. Having access to the notes of the folder directly above the document might be pretty cool; I could see a need for it. I am thinking that it would have to show only the immediate parent, or you could end up with a cluttered interface for notes nested too deep.

For instance:

  • Folder1
    – Folder2
    — Folder3
    ---- Text

The “Text” document above would only be able to access the notes for “Folder3” and not for the folders above that.

All the best,

I was just going to request you add Folder Notes as an option along with Document and Project Notes. The ability to see the notes for the level immediately above would be exactly what I looked for.

This would be helpful for chapter notes that apply to more than one scene, one could see the notes easily without having to switch from the scene being written to the chapter document (or else having to copy that info into every scene).