Project Notes are Dead, Long Live Project Notes!

Maybe it’s too early to ask but what will this functionally mean for iOS?

Basically if you bookmark a document on your iPhone, when you get back home it will be a “Project Bookmark” and vice versa. You could look at it as the “Bookmarks” list on mobile being another way in which bookmarking something makes it easy to get to and reference. Where the equation has been a bit lopsided is that in Scrivener 2, and 1 on PC, there isn’t something quite like it—so we tied it in with Favorites, which would end up being folded into bookmarks later on anyway.

Thank you, AmberV.

Currently an imported project from Mac brings document notes, not project ones. Does the new design bring project notes in addition to document ones, or am I misunderstanding the concept? (Plus any other added functionality/data the new design in 3 will bring to iOS that you care to add.)

By necessity for the foreseeable future, I’ll have to use iOS Scriv for majorities of time so I’m chomping at the bit for any additional features.
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That’s precisely why the iOS version doesn’t deal in project notes, because we knew that, as a feature, wouldn’t be a thing for much longer. Bookmarks are effectively project notes in 3, the way bookmarks are handled on the Mac replicates all of the features that project notes did.

So on iOS—when you think about what a “project notes” interface might look like, it would be a list of notes you could tap on to load and edit. Which is precisely what the bookmarks list already is. Hence you already have project notes, to a certain extent, they just don’t act like project notes when you sync back to the Mac—they currently act like favourites.

As you’ve probably read elsewhere, styles are coming to Scrivener and iOS is already prepared to make use of them. A project containing a stylesheet will use that instead of the generic list of presets in the formatting tool. Changing styles on the Mac will update them on iOS accordingly.

Thank you.