Project Notes, Document Notes & Bookmarks

I’ve recently upgraded to 3.0 and I’m confsed with the changes to project/document notes. Previously, with Porject notes I was able to make some general notes about the project I was writing. No matter what document I was working on, I could toggle to these notes to refresh my memory on general themes or recurring points I wanted to make. I used synopsis as notes for each folder, and document notes to make notes for each document within that folder. It all worked pretty well for me as I could keep track of the different notes I had.
Now project notes has gone and there’s nothing I can call up easily to give me an overview, no matter what document I’m in. I tried reading up on the bookmarks function, but that talks about importing documents or external files which is not what I want to do. I just want to have a general note on the entire project that I can call up at any time.
Is there an easy way of achieving what I want?
In summary: Project Note - overview of entire project available no matter where I am in project. Synopsis - overview of folder. Document note - overview of document within folder

Thanks in advance!

Open the Scrivener manual (from the Help menu) and go to page 872 where you will find an explanation of how things work now. One sentence (on page 873) says: “if you want to make a particular document globally accessible, either as a reference or for the purpose of taking down notes, then bookmark the item.”

You can right click on any document in your project and add it to Project Bookmarks so that it will always be accessible.

Essentially, project bookmarks combined with Quick Reference provides everything that Project Notes used to, but with more flexibility (you can keep images in there and print and export your notes). See the “Using Bookmarks for Project Notes” section of the Tutorial project for info. (And note that because bookmarks can be viewed in the Inspector, you get the same functionality there, too.)

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Hi both

Thanks for your replies. I had read up that section of the manual but as all I’d wanted was to make notes and not import a document as a bookmark it didn’t make sense to me. However I’ve realised that there is a toggle feature within that bookmark area that allows me to switch from project to document notes as well as import a document as a note… So I’ve managed to do what I wanted with some extra functionality.

all the best