Project Notes duplicating

I am transcribing my father’s WWII handwritten letters into individual files. When the letter has been typed, I copy the handwritten letters in pdf form, to the project notes.

The trouble is, when I add any of the pdf files into the project notes, each and every file already completed deletes the pdf for that file and accepts the newest pdf file. I hope this makes sense.

Anyway, obviously I want the pdf handwritten images to be in the same file as the transcribed letters.

Any suggestions?

The answer to you problem depends on whether you are using Scrivener 3 or Scrivener 2. You speak of ‘project notes’ which suggests you are using Scrivener 2, but the idea that you are getting pdfs into the “project notes” suggests you are using Scriv 3. Can you clarify?

Officially, there is no Project Notes function anymore in Scriv 3. That functionality was replaced by Project Bookmarks. Project Bookmarks (like the Project Notes in Scriv 2) are, by design, project-wide, and hence not the right tool for the job you are trying to do. If you are on Scriv 3 and and have been (unsuccessfully) trying to use project bookmarks to associated the pdfs with the docs, note there is such a thing as Document Bookmarks which is document-specific.


P.S. Note on Scriv 2: It is a mistake to think those “project notes” are getting duplicated to all the others. The fact that you can view project notes beside any given document does not mean that each document has a copy of those notes. Rather, the project notes area of the inspector is a window onto the very same set of nites no matter what doc you happen to have up.Something similar could be said for Project Bookmarks in Scriv 3.

Thanks gr… (sorry for the late reply… been ill for most of a month.)

Using Scrivener 2

I would suggest you use Document notes instead of Project notes for this. Project notes are for the whole project, and are not tied to any individual document. Presumably, each letter corresponds to one document in the binder, so switchign that pane to “Document Notes” would allow you to associate each scrivener document with a particular letter. Also, you should be able to add the PDF to the document’s notes before working on it, so that you have that available to you in the inspector as you transcribe.

BTW, if you have the ability to run Scrivener v3, I recommend upgrading to it for this sort of work; Document Bookmarks are actually a superior way of linking up one or more other documents to the one you’re working on in the editor. When you load the transcription document for one letter, for instance, the inspector can display the PDF of that letter in the inspector (and the Inspector will expand to be quite large, which is handy). The documents you link to in the Bookmarks pane are usually in another part of your project (or they’re in a folder external to the project if you want to keep the project file from getting too big), so they’re not ‘hidden’ like Document Notes are. You can always browse the originals separately from the transcription if you want to.