Project Notes Erased!?

To my dismay, when I opened my project notes today, they are completely empty.
I have the default project notes (general) and another project notes I created. Both gone!

This was a sizable portion of text, perhaps over 20 pages and it appears to have suddenly disappeared.
I have a version saved about five days ago, but I have updated it since then and have no idea what I might have lost.

Is there are a way to recover my mysteriously absent project notes?
Any idea why this has happened?

I’m new to Scrivener and I hope this isn’t a frequent problem.
My notes are extremely valuable to me and it makes me fear whether notes saved in other formats within the project are also unstable.

Are you viewing the Project Notes in the inspector pane? If so, make sure you’ve not accidentally switched this to show Document Notes instead of Project Notes. (Click on the header to switch modes).

The Project Notes themselves are saved as a rich text file within the project folders.
I don’t recommend mucking about with those files, but a visual check that they are still there should ease your worries a bit.

As these files are stored withing the project folder itself, a copy will also have been saved as part of the backup process. If you need to, open one of your recent backups and you should be able to recover your notes from there.

And if you’re in Scrivenings mode, the notes for a particular document will not show unless the cursor is in the text for that document in the main editing pane. As you move the cursor down through a number of Scrivenings in the editor, the notes pane changes to reflect that. Not sure if that might be part of the problem.

And pigfender is right about the project being a load of folders, but on a Mac it doesn’t look like that, because Mac OS has a special kind of folder called a package, which just looks like a normal file unless you right-click on it, when you get a contextual menu item that says “reveal package contents”. But you shouldn’t need to go poking about inside – it’s almost certain that you’ve just accidentally hidden the notes from yourself, and they are still there in all their glory.

Cheers, Martin.

I just checked back in on this post today.
I don’t think it was any of the problems you suggested, but I was able to retrieve it from an old version, so everything is fine.

Thank you for the help.