Project notes feedback

I am finding the new multiple Project Notes a great addition. I have half a dozen key documents (notes on characters, plot overview, timeline, family tree, ‘to do’ list etc) that I want to refer to constantly while writing, and the Project Notes Manager makes them easily accessible wherever I am in the document. It’s really helpful.

Here are some improvements I would like to see:

  1. Some of my key documents are tables, and table-editing in Project Notes is very limited. My work-round is to create/edit the table as a regular Scriv document, then find it in the Scriv Files/Docs folder, copy it to the Scriv Files/ProjectNotes folder, rename it ‘Note-xx.rtf’ as appropriate. Very clunky : - :frowning: - why is the table properties box not available in the Project Notes Manager?

  2. I would like to lose the red ‘Delete’ boxes on the tabs. They take up too much space, obscuring the document titles - look, there’s not even enough room for ‘To Do’ to get it’s full title.

    And on several occasions I have mistakenly hit the red x when changing tabs - thank goodness there is a confirmation dialogue. What about ‘Right click / Delete’ on the tab instead?

  3. These are critical documents, and I would like to be able to take snapshots, keep versions, back them up somehow.

Thanks we have a number of ideas for how this feature will develop in the future that should address most of your concerns. The tab layout will certainly be abandoned, it was a nice idea but it has scaling problems like you demonstrate.

Thanks, Amber. If you drop the tab layout altogether, please find an alternative that makes the Notes documents so easily accessible. The key features for me are:

  • one-click access to several Project Notes wherever I am in the project
  • ‘always-on-top’ means I can work on / move around in the project and keep the Project Notes visible
  • I can hide/show the Project Notes window with one-click using the Windows Minimize/Restore Down buttons.

Yup, I think our solution is going to provide exactly what you want. :slight_smile: I can’t say much more about it though because it is still in development.