Project Notes in Inspector reset when a new document is selected

I am wanting to refer to a document in the Project Notes in the Inspector while I write. However, every time I switch between documents the note disappears and I have to reselect it again. Is there a way to ‘pin’ the note in the Inspector so that it stays there until I manually select something else?

(I presume you’re using Version 3 of Scrivener for Mac here. The answer also refers to V3 for Windows, but but it won’t apply to older versions on either platform.)

The way it’s supposed to work is that the Bookmarks Inspector Panel operates in three modes: “Project Bookmarks”, “Document Bookmarks” and “Matching Text”. (It doesn’t refer to Project Notes at all, which is why I’m wondering which version you’re using. What used to be Project Notes are now called Project Bookmarks).

There’s a drop down list at the top of the panel with those three options: cmd-6 will toggle between Project Bookmarks and Document Bookmarks. Ctl-cmd-6 will toggle Matching text.

The Project Bookmarks panel brings up the list of any document in the binder which you have decided to designate as a Project Bookmark.

This is the same list that you will see if you bring up the Bookmarks HUD (Project > Show Project Bookmarks) and it should be shown in this Inspector Panel for every document in the project (as long as you have the Project Bookmarks dropdown selected, of course!). It will also show the list if you select multiple documents (while the Document Bookmarks panel would be blank).

Document Bookmarks obviously only show the bookmarks specifically allocated to individual documents of folders.

So, if

  • you have documents in your binder which you have designated to be a Project Bookmark;
  • you are showing the Navigate > Inspect > Bookmarks panel, and
  • you have selected ‘Project Bookmarks’ in that panel

Then, no matter which document you select in the Binder, the Inspector Bookmarks panel should show the same list of Project Bookmarks. But you do need all three conditions to apply for it to work.

If you are doing all that and the list of Project Bookmarks does not stay the same, then it sounds like your project may be corrupted and you need to take other steps. For example, you could try holding down the option key and clicking on File > Save and Rebuild Search Indexes. Otherwise, you could get in touch directly with support to see if they can help.


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Sorry I wasn’t clearer when posting (tired brain).

I am on v.3 Mac. Haven’t got used to the new name but yes I was referring to Project Bookmarks.

The list of bookmarks remains the same when I move between documents, but the preview of the bookmarked note in the bottom section of the Inspector blanks out.

I hope this is slightly clearer.


Ah, that’s interesting.

It doesn’t do that for me — as long as a Project Bookmark has been highlighted in the Inspector bookmarks panel, the preview remains visible as I change documents.

Select a document:

Move to the next document (in this case with cmd-opt-down, but any method of changing to another document has the same result):

As you can see, the same Project Bookmark remains selected and the preview is still visible. Obviously, it only works if one of the Bookmarks is selected, but in that case the preview wouldn’t appear in the first document anyway.

So, if you’re meeting the three criteria I mentioned in the first post, then I’m not sure what’s going on, sorry.

Have you tried it in another project to see if it’s just this one misbehaving?

OK. I’ve figured it out. I was trying to look at a document that was in a bookmarked folder, rather than one that had been bookmarked specifically itself. Once it had it’s own bookmark it stopped disappearing.

@brookter Thank you for your help.

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Glad you found the answer!