Project notes not saving

Here’s an odd one. Since about a month, nothing I write in my thesis’s “Project notes (general)” gets saved. I’ve tested on other, new documents, and the project notes still works fine. Also, everything I had written before a month ago is still there in project notes - but nothing new remains.

Project notes is an important part of my workflow. Has anyone else had this problem?

I’m using OS Lion with the newest version of Scrivener (hey, I got the update about a month ago…) on an intel, unibody MacBook.


Could you please zip up and send the affected project to support AT literatureandlatte DOT com if it’s not too big? Alternatively, could you possibly make a video showing the issue?

And, could you please also do the following:

  1. Type away in project notes.

  2. Hit cmd-S or wait for autosave to kick in.

  3. In the Finder, go to ~/Library/Application Support/Scrivener/Logs (to access the ~/Library folder on Lion, hold down the Option key while the “Go” menu is open in the Finder) and locate Console.log. Open it in a plain text editor such as TextEdit. If there is anything in there, please copy it into your reply.

Thanks and all the best,

Dear scrivener team!

my one is resembling but not quite the same.
I had this problem yesterday and the day before two times running, which cost me nearly a whole day of work of no avail… :imp:
The weird thing is, now it seems to save all my new project notes reliable, but my confidence in scrivener’s saving habits is gone for the present until I know exactly what happened in particular and why, so it will never happen again and so I can soon again fully rely on Scrivener (n.b. it is a magnificent key tool for me and clearly the best on the market, endless thank’s for this powerful and beautiful product!).
Several times after that mess I tried to provoke or rather to reenact the bug with this project file and also with a new, blank one, by closing the projekt and or scrivener in different ways (e.g. with cmd+w or cmd+q very quickly) but, as I said, since then until now, anything’s fine again, farther without manual saving all the time, which I do now, beneath clipping the new notes into Textedit before closing Scrivener and activating automatic backups, which is also not quite handy all the time.
Hope you can help me, cause I use it as a pro user every and nearly the whole working day and my whole work depends on the trusted work of Scrivener.

Kind regards,