Project Notes Overriding Comments and Footnotes

Scrivener used to show the Comments & Footnotes screen in the inspector when I selected more than one scrivening. However, now it automatically overrides it and shows Project Notes instead. This is not very helpful when I’m revising an entire document and want to get a sense of comments throughout; the only way to do that now is to manually look at one scrivening at a time instead of simply scrolling through the entire document. Is there any way to change this back? If I select Comments & Footnotes, that’s what I would like to see, please.

Also, it was so helpful when the comments used to be numbered, but that option seems to have disappeared with one of the recent updates. It helped a lot to have as I was revising, because I could set a goal for myself to take care of a certain number of notes throughout one revising session.

Thank you!

The icons along the bottom of the inspector pane allow you to choose which inspector view you will see. The “n” icon will give you the Comments and Footnotes view.

I’m not sure off the top of my head, but I believe the note numbers derive from the most recent Compile. They aren’t generated dynamically. So if you haven’t Compiled the manuscript since you updated, try doing so.


Hi Katherine! Thank you for your response. After several months, I finally JUST figured out how to make it show the regular inspector pane instead of project notes. It’s very easy, actually – Once I select several scrivenings, I have to then click on the text and the inspector will go back to its default.

Notes/comments still aren’t being numbered, though. They used to be after I compiled each time, but that doesn’t happen anymore. I compile every day in order to have a document for an extra Dropbox backup, but still no numbers. I’m not sure if that changed on purpose, or if it’s the result of a bug during one of the recent updates, or if I somehow changed a setting. It’s the one-and-only thing I like better about Microsoft Word, being able to see those numbered comments. It really keeps me motivated – and also helps me brace myself if I see there are a LOT of comments to address. :slight_smile:

Comments have never been numbered (and to my knowledge, margin notes are not numbered in Word either—but I am far from an expert in that program!) when you compile, but footnotes can be, perhaps you were using the grey footnote style before, and switched to comments?