Project notes

Is there a quick way to check if a project has project notes? I don’t use them very often; after more than seven years Scrivener use I’ve only today encountered a situation in which Project Notes might be useful to me. Because it is currently a very occurrence that my projects have notes I could easily overlook the one with these notes. Is there a quick way of detecting whether a project has notes associated with it? I know I could use Alt-Apple-P to bring up the relevant inspector but that will get tedious as I try to find “the [open] project I’m sure has project notes in it” because so few (1) of my proejcts have them. [Right now I have a dozen projects open in Scrivener.]

There’s an oddity in the manual in the sections on Project Notes. The narrative nature of the document means that if one goes straight to section 12.3.1 it is not obvious that Alt-Apple-P has to been previous pressed for the window mentioned there to be active. That vital step is a couple of paragraphs up near the end of the introductory comments and then it could be interpreted as being an optional step.

You’ll need to open the Project Notes to determine if there are any associated with the project. There’s no indicator like the asterisk in the inspector for these.

I’m not sure what you’re pointing out with the reference to the manual. Opt-Cmd-P opens a separate Project Notes window and isn’t related to the inspector at all. The shortcut isn’t even mentioned in the 12.3.1 subsection, which is about creating new notepads within the Project Notes window. True, you need the window open before you could do this, but I don’t think that needs to be reiterated within this sub-topic.

It is possible to view the project notes in the inspector as well, by toggling the Document Notes to any of the Project Notes. The shortcuts for this are Ctrl+Opt+Cmd+H to open the Notes pane if necessary, then Cmd-6 to cycle through document notes and any project notes. Pressing Ctrl+Opt+Cmd+H when the document/project notes are already visible in the inspector will place the insertion point there.