Project Notes?

Scrivener for iOS seems great, but one glaring omission: How do you open project notes? I don’t see any option in the inspector or otherwise for this. Was this feature omitted, or am I just missing it? If omitted, is it coming soon? Kind of a deal breaker for me on the IOS version. Thanks for your time!

iOS Scrivener doesn’t access Project Notes as such at this time. Keith has been dropping hints, :slight_smile: but time frame is undetermined.

A workaround for the current version is to save your project notes as ordinary text files in Research, or other folder of your choice, on your desktop Scrivener. Then they will be available once you’ve synced to your iOS device.


I haven’t been dropping hints! :slight_smile: Project Notes were deliberately omitted and will not be coming to iOS. The reason for this is in part that Project Notes are being removed from the next major update of Scrivener and merged into a more integrated Bookmarks feature. You’ll still be able to do everything you can do with project notes right now, and more, though, so don’t worry.

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That’s what I mean by hinting. :slight_smile: Is the current plan that iOS Scrivener will have full access to this Bookmarks feature?

Well that’s unfortunate, but thanks for the prompt reply. I love Project Notes for the ability to pop them out into their own modal window separate from the application, and the fact that they’re tabbed atop this window, it’s great for extra monitors. Will bookmarked notes have these features then in 3.x? (I’m a Windows user).

If so, sounds like I should start the process of converting them to bookmarked notes now…

Don’t worry about converting anything - everything will be converted for you automatically when you update. You’ll still be able to pop your notes out to a modal window and move between them in 3.0, just the way you can now, and have them available in the inspector. But you’ll also be able to load them into the main window and print and export them.

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Thanks for asking about Project Notes, ericmw. Happy to hear they’ll become more portable. I do miss them on iOS. Any timeframe for 3.0 and when they’ll be integrated with iOS? Not to rush or hold you to anything, but a ballpark month, or even season would be much appreciated.

They don’t need to be integrated with iOS. Once you upgrade to 3.0, they will become project bookmarks, and you already have project bookmarks in iOS, at the top of the binder.

As for the time scale: this side of the heat death of the universe, if all things go well. (There is no way I’m getting drawn into release date estimations ever again. :slight_smile: )

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Great, thanks for the info Keith. I also wondered about asking for a timeframe but thought better of it…
I think what Rhea was asking (or what I am, not to speak for her) is if there’s any way to manually convert project notes in such a way that they’ll show up as bookmarked notes in iOS and be compatible with the new project bookmarks when 3.0 rolls around.
Or put another way: is there any way to view bookmarked notes on 2.x scrivener? If so, I might just move my project notes to bookmarks on iOS and use them as regular notes from Windows, since those are my task lists and so are important to my current workflow.

  1. Create a folder in your binder somewhere to hold your notes (optional of course, you can put the actual files you’ll make wherever you want).
  2. For each Project Note, copy and paste the text content into a new binder item.
  3. Use the Documents/Favorites/Manage Favorites… menu command.
  4. Select the documents you’ve created and drag them all into that window.
  5. Sync the changes to your device.

They will now be listed in your Bookmarks tab. That method is future-proof by the way.

This seems to me the opposite of the above question, so I might not be understanding it. At any rate, Favorites, the current closest analogy to Bookmarks, well show up in any of those menus that give you a listing of the full binder. So “Go To”, “Scrivener Link” and “Move To” are examples of that.

Thank you, yes, this is what I was looking for! :smiley:

As you’ve been so kind as to give us a peek at 3.0 and where you’re going with Project Notes, I’ll offer my wish for a Favorites/Bookmark button in the toolbar. Thank you for considering it.

Sorry if this isn’t the place to post wishes. I’m new to this forum (though not to beloved Scrivener).